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We offer industry-leading rates for oversized packages, enabling competitive pricing for single package, ground, express, and freight options.

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Our dedicated support team will manage the claims process for any lost or damaged shipments, saving you time to focus on your core business.

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Reach new customers in new markets with better rates, whether the next town over, or across the country.

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Our user friendly portal allows you to save common box dimensions and recipient info, and allows for single, or batch shipment creation.


'Total Package' Solutions

In addition to our shipping and fulfillment services, we also provide e-commerce solutions via BikeExchange. This allows us to offer a complete solution for bike manufacturers and retailers, with the ability to seamlessly integrate their online storefronts with our logistics and warehouse operations.

"Kitzuma has perfected how bikes move globally, improving speed, reliability, efficiency, and tracking transparency."

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